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ENMAX solar power – a different definition of affordable

Today, I received a nice offer in my mailbox from utility company ENMAX.  These offers often make me angry because I find that they prey on people’s lack of information regarding electricity units and pricing. Today was no exception.

Your oilsands royalty primer

Bitumen royalties accounted for 10% of total Alberta government revenues in 2010-2011, and that is expected (according to the most recent Alberta Budget) to climb to approximately 20% of total government revenues, or $9.9 billion dollars by 2014-2015.  Both royalty revenue estimates and royalty rates make for contentious subjects in Alberta, and this post is intended […]

Questions I’ll be asking #abvote candidates

What will determine my vote on April 23rd? I suppose it will surprise no one that I will vote based on the energy and environmental policies of the parties.  My key issue list includes 5 categories: 1) Savings, transparency, and accountability; 2) Market access; 3) Local environmental management; 4) Global environmental credibility; and 5) Getting […]

Are you smarter than an energy 101 student at U of A?

I often get asked, “what do you teach?” I thought that a good way to answer this question might be to let you have a look at the midterm questions I asked my Energy 101 class yesterday here at the Alberta School of Business.  This is a new course, created last year, which aims to […]

Alberta PC Leadership Q&A

With the co-operation of each of the PC Leadership candidates, I will be putting together an Energy and Environment Q&A on the Globe and Mail‘s Economy Lab site. This evening, I have sent the following three questions to each of the candidates, and asked that they respond, in 200 words or less for each question, […]

My latest in The Globe and Mail: Oil sands monitoring plan a good step forward

Environment Canada has released the second of two phases of a proposed environmental monitoring plan for the oil sands, and one need only look at the second name on the list of authors on the first page to understand its significance: Dr. David Schindler. Dr. Schindler is one of the most high-profile and well-respected personalities […]

The AUC and Maxim Power: No steps forward, 3 steps back.

Last week, on June 30th, the Alberta Utilities Commission approved the Milner Expansion Project, a 500Mw coal-fired generating facility, to be built 20km north of Grande Cache, west of Edmonton. This decision raises more issues that I can possibly cover in a single post, so I’ll narrow it down to my top 3. First and […]

Gas prices, fuel economy, electricity prices, etc.

Last night, I posted a simple calculation to Twitter.  Based on gasoline energy content of 32.2 MJ/l LHV, and a conversion of 3.6 MJ/kWh, I calculated 8.94 kWh/l of gasoline, and thus stated that $1.30/l gasoline was approximately equivalent to 14.4c/kWh electricity.  This had, in a sense, the desired result.  Many of my followers followed […]