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Moderating Policy

My strong preference is for commenters to register and provide a real name and a functioning email address.  I understand that many readers will not be able to comment under those conditions for employment or other reasons, and so I am happy to accommodate respectful posts which contribute to the discussion from pseudonym accounts. This blog is intended to drive conversation both among interested parties and among my students.  I will not tolerate abusive comments directed at any reader.  I will approve all respectful comments regardless of whether they support or oppose my points of view on issues, and I particularly welcome the latter.  Readers with a history of abusive and/or personal attacks on myself or other readers will not be welcome to comment.

Thanks for reading.

3 responses to “Moderating Policy”

  1. Jarrett Leinweber

    Look forward to reading your blog posts and participating with the other commentators.

  2. John Hiemstra

    Very interesting blog. important discussion. look forward to participating..

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