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6 responses to “Some clarification please, Mr. Mulcair.”

  1. Robert McClelland

    In short, NDP supporters and Canadians should ask for more details on Mr. Mulcair’s cap

    Nope, for this NDP supporter Mulcair has presented enough information on the direction he’ll follow on this issue as leader to enable me to make a selection. As for non NDP supporters they don’t really need to know diddly unless Mulcair actually does become leader and the party decides to proceed in this direction. And that would only likely be presented in the lead up to or during the next election.

  2. Richard Dixon

    Great blog Andrew. The teaching point I will add for my class is that it raises the regional emissions issue that Canada has. For example, when I helped on the design of the emitters program for Alberta it made sense to go after the LFE since about 100 of them covered 75% of the province’s emissions. Thus our program made sense to target the LFEs from a reduction and transactional costs points of view. However, BC has a very different mix of emitters (mostly non-point)so their approach needed to be different.

    Richard Dixon

  3. Simon Johnson

    From the New Zealand experience where we have a very ineffective emissions trading scheme, I agree entirely with your three questions. I would add a fourth question – what will be the rules on ‘linkage’ (buying and selling to/from) international carbon markets?
    The NZETS allows unlimited importing of certified emissions units. In combination with other design features (delayed entry, partial obligations, no cap, output-intensity free allocation) this means the international price sets the domestic price. So allocation decisions become decoupled from issues of price, liquidity and scarcity. Its a rent-seekers delight.

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