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Renewable Energy Policy

ENMAX solar power – a different definition of affordable

Today, I received a nice offer in my mailbox from utility company ENMAX.  These offers often make me angry because I find that they prey on people’s lack of information regarding electricity units and pricing. Today was no exception.

Can green energy in Ontario avoid the same fate as Commodore?

In this column in today’s Toronto Star, James Biggar of calls on Ontario to, “embrace the green future,” and to avoid becoming the, “Commodore 64 of the world economy, sitting on the trash heap of history.” I agree, but perhaps not for the reasons you expect.

David Roberts and Stephen Gordon are saying almost the same thing about green jobs

Over the last couple of days, my Twitter feed has been swamped with discussion about green jobs.  Yesterday, Worthwhile Canadian Initiative blogger and Laval Professor Stephen Gordon (@stephenfgordon) posted a piece on the Globe and Mail’s Economy Lab arguing that presenting, “the employment opportunities generated by a set of proposals…as an additional benefit of the […]

In defense of feed-in tariffs…just not this one.

With the release of Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak’s platform today, it’s clear where much of the focus of the campaign to be Ontario’s next Premier will be – on Ontarians’ electricity bills. Hudak announced no fewer than six major policy changes to Ontario’s electricity system: An end to Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) program; An […]

on retrofit subsidies, tax credits, and other expensive policies

It’s easy for people to have a knee-jerk reaction and support policies like the ecoEnergy Retrofit Initiative or US Production Tax Credits for Wind Energy.  After all, we want people to have more efficient houses, and we want more renewable energy, don’t we? Well, yes, we probably do.  Environmentalists and fiscal hawks should agree that […]