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On the potential for oilsands to add 200ppm of CO2 to the atmosphere

Over the last few days, posts by Bill McKibben in the Guardian and by NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen on his own website at Columbia have again brought forward the statistic that, “the tar sands are estimated to contain at least 400 GtC (equivalent to about 200 ppm CO2).”  That’s true but, in the context […]

Alberta needs to do more than tell Ottawa, “hands off the golden goose!”

This article, by Jason Fekete and Darcy Henton, discusses the Alberta Government’s growing anxiety with respect to the coming Federal GHG regulations for the oil and gas sector. Premier Stelmach and the Alberta Government may be late to the game, but they have moved quickly in the past to head off federal action with regulatory […]

Liberals’ significant climate plan cloaked in silence

My second Globe and Mail Economy Lab post on the new Liberal Platform is available here.  After this piece was posted, Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell posted a response to some of the questions I raised here. Rick Szostak posted another response detailing how revenues from the auction of permits would remain in Alberta here.

So, a guy walks into a gas station…

So, a guy walks into a gas station after filling his Prius with 40 liters of fuel and the person behind the till says, “That’ll be $40, sir. Next time, you might want to save yourself the trip in and pay at the pump.”  The man hands over $51 and says, “I would love to, […]