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9 responses to “My top debate questions on energy and the environment”

  1. Suzanne

    Why didn’t you ask the Green Party a question?

  2. A question for the Green Party

    […] few of my readers have pointed out that my previous post asking debate questions omitted the Green Party.  I firmly believe that the Green Party should have been invited to the […]

  3. Wil

    Oh I think you should totally do the Bloc platform. Would be great to examine if in fact most of Quebec’s problems can be blamed on big oil companies in Alberta.

  4. Pascal Lapointe

    The Bloc has a much more complete platform on environment and climate change than the conservatives. The fact that he can not be the government is not really an argument, if you’re asking questions to the Green Party or even the NDP.

  5. Oilsands debate in Edmonton Center

    […] the industry is doing a good job of protecting water.  On the GHG issue, the Conservatives have refused to identify how they will encourage the industry to improve its performance.  Mr Hawn mentions tailings, and he is absolutely correct to cite Suncor and their TRO process.  […]

  6. Craig Hubley

    Where do you stand on Preston Manning’s advocacy of full cost accounting for all the water, soil, natural gas, on both inputs/extraction and outputs/emission of Tar Sands?

    And, where do you stand on the questions of natural capital accounting in general (UN TEEB etc.)?

    I suggest also you should distance yourself strongly from Lorrie Goldstein who is an open racist, asserting among other things that all carbon offset projects in developing nations are inherently scams, and whose lies in other matters are well documented. In the long run you are better off disavowing him and explaining what constitutes a good ethical offset regime and what does not, if that’s of interest. But don’t let him speak for you nor claim (as he does) that based on your analysis that the entire Canadian transport sector needs to be shut down by some date.

    As an economist you should be aware of the abuse of aggregates. It’s no more valid to say that than to say that we can no longer flush toilets as of some date because we are moving to a 6 litre rather than 13 litre standard. Goldstein is a dangerous individual whom you shouldn’t help. He does not employ logic but lies and fallacy.

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