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Canadian Politics

My latest Economy Lab post

The corporate tax implications of each of the parties’ greenhouse gas (GHG) policy proposals will run in the billions of dollars per year. GHG policies will induce significant expenditures, whether they follow the regulatory approach proposed by the Conservatives, the cap-and-trade approaches proposed by the Liberals and the NDP, or the broad carbon pricing approach […]

Liberals’ significant climate plan cloaked in silence

My second Globe and Mail Economy Lab post on the new Liberal Platform is available here.  After this piece was posted, Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell posted a response to some of the questions I raised here. Rick Szostak posted another response detailing how revenues from the auction of permits would remain in Alberta here.

My Economy Lab debut

In case you missed it, I provided some background in response to Jack Layton’s comments today to the Globe and Mail’s Economy Lab.  Check it out here.