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11 responses to “An evening with Jack”

  1. Dawn LeBlanc

    A good post-nicely balanced.

  2. here’s the rundown – federal election races to watch in edmonton. |

    […] impact on the environment. In a campaign stop in Edmonton this weekend, NDP leader Jack Layton only briefly mentioned the environment, suggesting that he may have been avoiding the issue while in Alberta (he also did […]

  3. Melissa

    I also am hoping that Edmontonians will attempt to uncover what exactly the party’s vision and platform is for the province. As an Edmontonian studying in Ottawa, I have had the opportunity to hear Linda Duncan’s viewpoint and I applaud most of her efforts. I agree, however, that in order for Albertans to be receptive to alternatives, they must be tangible ones and not just sallow promises. In a province as beautifully complex as Alberta, a political strategy that lauds an industry only when it stands before cannot be very effective.

    I’m also kind of hung up on the “new energy economy” concept….

  4. David Wilson

    there is something wrong with this bit of prose <> maybe an over-exuberant cut&paste (?)

    I am a bit surprised to find you sliding into ‘pundits with vague political generalizations’ territory, but ok, no worries, I will say that I think it is unfair to keep your political position, whatever it may be, in the bag, statements like “those of you who know my politics” may tend to make this blog into a more-or-less exclusive club – is that what you wanted for it? I didn’t think so but I could be wrong, I was going to twit you for preening in front of Gloria Galloway (!?) of the Globe and Mail (!?) but, after watching it twice decided not to ๐Ÿ™‚ you do seem to know the ground

    one problem for a politician with deep roots in labour is that reconciling union/environment points of view is difficult (if not impossible), here in Toronto for example the Greenpeace office is in a complex of small office buildings dominated by unions, and you can hear the environmentalists going on about how the ‘great schism’ between labour and the environment has finally been bridged just about every time they open their mouths to speak (events have a tendency towards the halls-for-rent in the aforesaid buildings y’unnerstan) … if wishes were horses beggars would ride

    and the easy way out of such a position is to speak from both sides of your face at appropriate times, which is what I have seen our Jackie-boy doing this long time, my daughter lives in Linda Duncan’s riding, I agree with you that Duncan was not elected because she is NDP … possibly some charismatic quality? though I met her and must have missed it somehow

    since you have opened the political Pandora’s box so explicity here … I am interested to know where you think people with concerns about the environment can most effectively put their votes? not the Green Party (unfortunately) unless you think that Don Drummond is somehow a green economist with his ‘growth is inevitable’ fol-de-rol ๐Ÿ™‚

    be well, David Wilson.

    PS – a ‘preview’ capability for comments would be helpful for those of us with bad vision, incipient alzheimer’s & unsteady fingers, just a thought …

  5. David Wilson

    ai ai ai, how was I to know that your gizmo would whack what was between the chevrons? (see what I mean about preview?)

    the error is maybe somewhere about here I thinks – “loading up the plane for Edmonton, Mr Layton talked about” if it is one

    1. David Wilson

      this looks like it might be in the zone:

      15 bucks a year … anyway, worth a look

  6. federal election 2011: what does it mean for alberta? |

    […] visiting Alberta during the campaign, Mr. Layton only briefly mentioned his party’s position on the oil sands, which is quickly replacing the old Central Canadian […]

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