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4 responses to “Something remarkable happened this week…but you probably missed it”

  1. Claude Boucher

    Come on Andrew!

    The Kent speech is probably dictated by tactics and political opportunism. We keep hearing there is going to be an election in the next few months and the Conservatives position on climate change is a big negative. But they’ll find a way to get around it.

    Now, according to preliminary figures for 2009 , fossil fuel demand decreased significantly from 2008 levels. Most significant is the 24% decrease of coal use in electric generation and the 12% decrease in crude oil production. Driven by the business cycle, emission numbers for 2009 will drop, and I mean by a lot. There was a map at the Guardian site last month showing a 9.6% drop in energy-related emissions for Canada in 2009 (data from EIA).

    The GHG data for 2009 has to be submitted to the UNFCCC by April 15. The next day headlines will celebrate the ‘stunning’ reduction in GHG and Peter Kent will be quoted as saying that Canada has met half of its Copenhagen target (a 50-something Mt drop would mean total emissions of around 680Mt), etc., neutralizing any criticism of Canada’s inaction on climate change on a hot political year, with 7 provincial elections and, in all likelihood, a federal one.

    Of course, the federal government has little to do with any of it, since the recession and the gradual phase-out of coal-fired generation in Ontario are responsible for the drop in emissions but they’ll be happy to take credit for it.

  2. Joel Wood


    The is certainly better than

    But I totally agree that the newly posted material by Environment Canada was very refreshing.

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