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10 responses to “New York Times Editorial on Keystone – Details Matter.”

  1. Robert Collier

    Another consideration is the ongoing decline in imports of heavy crude from Mexico and Venezuela, as I discuss on my blog: … Mexico’s oil output is in serious decline, while Venezuelan output is stagnant and Chavez has strategic reasons (i.e. future U.S. sanctions, international arbitration rulings, conflict etc) to want to get out of the U.S. market and to sell Citgo. Canadian dilbit would simply substitute for that growing decline in imports, in which case it would re-occupy that niche in the U.S. domestic market for refined products.

  2. Alastair

    It’s still not clear to me what the end destination of KXL oil is.

    Is it:
    1.) Refined then exported on a long term basis (you say no.)
    2.) Refined then exported in the short term, but in the long term used for domestic consumption.
    3.) Not exported at all. (so the NYT got it wrong.)
    4.) Something else?

    I assume that, for obvious historical reasons and the building of KXL, the southern US has a high refining capacity relative to production in the lower 48. Is it the case that shipping costs are low enough for heavy oil to be imported, refined in the US, and exported to other markets? So that statements on the US both importing and exporting large amounts of oil could be accurate.

  3. Holly Stick

    There are some links here about the refinery that is partly owned by the Saudis and how that fact blows apart the idiotic claims about “ethical oil”.

  4. Rundle in NYC

    The export issue was a bit of a sleeper after spills and GHGs — it now seems to have awoken; both in the NYT and in the democrat caucus.

    Maybe if Alberta had taken less of a bull-in-a-china shop approach to the issues of spills and GHGs, the export issue may have stayed asleep.

    Guess not — Albertan diplomacy:it just can’t get out of its own way….

  5. David Wilson

    Nero fiddles while Rome burns … is that it?

  6. Holly Stick

    It is becoming more and more embarrassing to be a Canadian these days, as the Anti-Environment Minister cuts more and more, thus making a lie out of any promise they made to monitor the oilsands properly:

    And we see what other countries think of us:,1518,791008,00.html

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