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My Twitter Account

Many of you have noticed that I suspended my Twitter account over the weekend.  I expect that this will be a temporary decision, at least in some respects, although I am not sure what my re-engagement will look like. I’ve used Twitter for many years now, and I love the medium for news, learning, and interacting with people whom I’d have never had the chance to meet without it. I am not sure that I can balance all that I like about it with the feeling of always being in an argument.  This decision has nothing to do with abuse, trolls, or the like – it’s exactly the opposite.  Those who bring nothing to a discussion are easily blocked or ignored, but it does not make sense nor is it my wish to ignore those who challenge my ideas, push my thinking in different ways, and force me to defend my position against rational, reasoned arguments.  Unfortunately, I’ve done a poor job of balancing my engagements with all of you on Twitter with the other things that matter in my personal and professional life.  I’m going to try to fix that, and hopefully I’ll be back @andrew_leach sometime in the next 29 days.

Thanks for the kind words.


* My account is re-activated so you can use lists again if you had been doing so.

3 responses to “My Twitter Account”

  1. Kelly Maher

    Admitting your problem is the first step to recovery. Good luck. Seriously though, your comments will be missed. Come back soon!

  2. Susan Peng

    Trust things will be clear after some time. I love your work on and after class and thanks for all your kind help.

    Wish you and your family all the best.


  3. Jesse Jenkins

    I understand these challenges well, but I hope you’ll make a return to Twitter soon. Good luck sorting things out. Cheers,


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