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Canada: Petrostate or not?

Andrew Nikiforuk’s piece in the July/August issue of Foreign Policy¬†claims that Canada has become a rogue petrostate. You can read my reply, and Mr. Nikiforuk’s response to it, here.

4 responses to “Canada: Petrostate or not?”

  1. mcdermottinNYC

    Andrew L misses a key point: For Alberta, the share of “petro” in GDP is considerably more material than it is for Canada as a whole.

    Since Alberta runs Canada under its Conservative majority, Canada’s behaviour is really Albertan behaviour manifested at the national level — In short, a Petrostate Province colours all of Canada with a little bit of Chavez….

  2. Petrolstatehood is not a zero or one | Sherwin Arnott

    […] Some time ago Nikiforuk published an article at Foreign Policy declaring Canada a petrolstate. It caused a big splash and became a talking point in the culture wars that make up Canadian politics. Stephen Saideman, the¬†Paterson Chair at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, called it hyperbole. And Andrew Leach, the Enbridge Professor at the Alberta School of Business, called it short on evidence.1 […]

  3. mcdermottinNYC

    Energy Sector as share of Alberta’s GDP: 22.1%

    Oil as share of Venezuelan GDP: 30%

    Oil as share Nigerian GDP: 20%

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