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More sophistication, please

Since Sunday’s release of the Liberal party platform and the non-announcement of a cap-and-trade program, the reaction in Alberta has been sadly predictable.  Many people in the province seem to know exactly what will be in this policy, and they know that it will be bad news for Alberta. In fact, the Wild Rose Caucus […]

Liberals’ significant climate plan cloaked in silence

My second Globe and Mail Economy Lab post on the new Liberal Platform is available here.  After this piece was posted, Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell posted a response to some of the questions I raised here. Rick Szostak posted another response detailing how revenues from the auction of permits would remain in Alberta here.

My rant: we need more than billboards. now.

Today was not a good day for the Alberta government’s PR machine.  An editorial in the New York Times this weekend leads with the headline, “No to a New Tar Sands Pipeline.” Yes, they said tar sands.  No, this was not some fringe, west-coast internet publication or a Greenpeace pamphlet, but the New York Times. […]